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Q Divers Cyprus
Shore Dives / Cape Greko

Shore Dives

Only a few km from Agia Napa is the beautiful nature reserve of Cape Greko, where we have the best shore dives on the island.

Each site is easily accessible with our Landcruisers!

Water temperatures rise up to 30° in summer and the crystal clear water allow us to make long dives without any stress or hassle!

Q Divers Cyprus
Boat Dives / Wreck Dives

Zenobia Wreck Dive

The Zenobia and Alexandria wrecks are located in Larnaca. From our dive centre we drive to the fishing shelter in Larnaca from where we take a charter boat. The boat journey to both these wrecks is only a few minutes!

The HMS Cricket, Liberty and Nemesis wrecks along with the Reefs in Cape Greko harbour are reached locally. The boat and prices vary subject to dive and a minimum of 4 people are required for booking.

Decosta Bay

Dive time : minimum 60 minutes
Depth up to 11m
A big Aquarium! A shallow dive with an easy entrance and exit. Damselfish and rainbow wrasse, in hundreds, will feed out of your hand. There's also a good chance of seeing Seahorse and red sea Bufferfish.



Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 14m
Another shallow dive where we see some remains from an ancient settlement, a good place to find nudibranches!


Green Bay / Green Bay Caves

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 9M / 18m
Choose between a 9m dive with a lot of fish and some artificial statues in the Roman Harbour or further out to 18m where there are some small caves to explore.

Scotch Bonnet


Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 14m
A chance to see a lot of Scorpion fish, Pikarel and sometimes a Turtle!

Tetys slug

Konnos Point

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 20-40m
Interesting Landscape! An old anchor and a slope of sand going to deep sea! Comb Starfish, Feather stars and a lot of Puffer fish!


Cyclops Cave

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : Shallow to 40m
A very popular dive due to the amazing Landscape and always crystal clear water! At Cyclops we have a variety of dive profiles to give you the possibility to find some Morays, Barracudas and Octopus.



Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 19m
Although this is close to Cyclops, there is very different Landscape here! Trumpetfish, Flying Gurnard and sometimes Turtles!


Chapel Agio Anargiri

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : Shallow to 40m
A vertical drop along a wall with a small ledge at 20m towards Konnos Bay, which provides a home for different kinds of Morays and Sea Skirts. In the shallows there are remains from an old Pottery!

Brown Morray

Pirates Bay

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 18m
A small cave at the entrance and a small canyon make this a interesting spot! Getting to the water is a small climb!

Soldier fish

Cape Greko Caves

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 12m
This is the most popular Shore Dive on the Island! An easy dive leading us through a series of tunnels and caverns making this an unforgettable experience! To ensure you don't miss anything you get a torch and plenty of time to investigate the caves to search for Shrimp, Segment Worms or Anemones!


Cape Greko Canyon

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 17m
Starting at a depth of 2m we follow the Canyon to about 14m. Turning right we dive along a wall to another canyon or we go straight out to search for Stingrays! One of the most colourful dive sites here, and with no proper road and a short walk to the sea its a true adventure!


Zenobia Wreck

Location : Larnaca
Dive time : 40 - 60 minutes according to dive profile
Depth : 16 to 42m
The Zenobia Wreck is ranked among the Top 10 wreck dives in the world!
The Zenobia is a 172m long Ro-Ro Ferry which sank in June 1980 just on mile off shore Larnaca to a depth of 42 meters, taking down its cargo of trucks. Our most popular dive profile is going outside around with 28m max depth and the 2nd dive penetration in the Restaurant and the Corridor thru the living quarters. This profile makes it possible to see the whole wreck in 2 dives.
Due to fishing restriction you see plenty of marine life - big Groupers, Barracudas, Breams and Jacks occupy this massive incredible Wreck!

Zenobia Propeller

Zenobia Wreck

Zenobia Cafeteria

Alexandria Wreck

Location : Larnaca
Dive time : 40 minutes
Depth : 35m
A wooden Fishing Trawler which sank near the Zenobia a few years ago on the way to be refurbished.
The Alexandria is sitting straight on the seabed and is a beautiful wreck dive with a lot of small fish, Nudibranches, Barracudas and sometimes Jacks and Driggers.


Alexandria Railing

HMS Cricket Wreck

Location : Xylophagou
Dive time : 40 minutes
Depth : 32m Decompression Dive
This WWII Gunboat was used as a target in 1947 during military exercises and went down belly up digging its gun tower in the 27m deep seabed! Since we can dive underneath to the gun tower, the dive is very interesting and a little deeper than the surrounding seabed!

HMS Cricket Wreck

HMS Cricket Gun Tower

Liberty Wreck & Nemesis Wreck

Location : Protaras
Dive time : 40 minutes
Depth : 29m
These two are both artificial wrecks situated between the Golden Coast and Famagusta. While the Liberty was sank a few years back, the Nemesis joined her in December 2013!

Liberty Wreck

Nemesis Wreck


Shore Dive Sites
Cape Greko & Protaras

Liberty Wreck

Radio Station South & North

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 14m
The Cape Greko Radio Station is the most south east point of the EU. North side there is a big sandy area where it's possible to find Tetys Slugs, Stingrays and some divethru's. On the South the landscape is more spiky rocky with Blue Starfish and Octopus.


Sunset Beach

Dive time : 60 minutes
Depth : 9m
Just outside of Agia Napa. Dive thru one of the famous natural stone bridges and into caves on the shoreline!

Honey Slub